• TECHealth Staffing

    Emergency Room Staffing Solutions

    Emergency Room Staffing Solutions Run By Experienced Emergency Room Physicians

    Increase the Efficiency of Patient Flow
    Align the Needs of Both Physicians & Hospital Leadership
    Constant Quality Control on Each of Our Emergency Physicians
    Emergency Room Staffing Solutions
  • TECdoc Designed By Physicians For Physicians

    Electronic Medical Record Solutions

    Easy To Implement Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

    A Software That Optimizes the Patient Journey
    The Only EMR that Audio Records the Physicians Instructions Prior to Discharge
    Real Time Statistics, Staff Directory, Patient Registrations & More!
    Electronic Medical Record Solutions
  • TEC Partnerships

    Emergency Room Partnerships

    Our comprehensive suite of products and services addresses the pain points associated with Emergency Medicine operations are completely custom and scaled to your location’s needs as it grows.

    Owned & Operated Facilities
    Joint Ventures
    Management Services
  • Our Core Values

    What Differentiates TECHealth

    Do Something Good
    Core Values That Differentiate TECHealth
  • Introducing TECdoc Scribe

    Revolutionize Your Documentation Process With AI

    AI Assisted Charting
    No Need for Subsequent Dictation or Transcription After Seeing Patient
    Professional And Clear Chart
    Helps Identify Rare And Critical Diagnoses
    Provides Reminders of Potential Diagnoses During Patient Evaluation

    Learn More About TECDoc Scribe

    Core Values That Differentiate TECHealth

Welcome To TECHealth

TECHealth knows emergency medicine, it’s what we do

TECHealth, an Emergency Services Company, is dedicated to expanding our uniquely high standards of care and business operations to patients, consumers, ER physicians, and other health professionals, and potential partners throughout the U.S.

Customized Solutions Suited to Your Needs

TECHealth Offers Customized Staffing Solutions That Suit Your Needs


We use our extensive ER experience and insight to place professionals who will excel and thrive in your organizational culture and the community. Our rigorous candidate screening and interview process includes a thorough background check.

TECHealth Offers Customized ER Partnership Solutions That Suit Your Needs

ER Partnerships

TECHealth is dedicated to expanding our uniquely high standards of care and operations to patients, ER physicians, and potential partners throughout the U.S. These services can scale to your operational needs from staffing to marketing to full operational management.

TECHealth Offers Customized TECdoc EMR Solutions That Suit Your Needs


A proprietary electronic medical health record platform dedicated solely to the emergency medicine environment. TECdoc captures all pertinent patient data in real time, enabling tracking and intervention at the right time with the right diagnostics and treatment.

Our Approach

Our extensive emergency medicine experience, insight, and commitment to be innovative led us to create TECHealth. Our comprehensive suite of products and services addresses the pain points associated with emergency medicine operations and care delivery.


Our greatest success is our focus on our core values, culture, and mission. This focus is constant and deliberate.

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At TECHealth, we focus on innovation that improves experiences. Our organizational thrust is innovation implementers – to excel in implementing processes so that change is ingrained into the DNA of the company.

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Excellent Patient Experience

At TECHealth, we believe that every human being has intrinsic value and is worthy of caring and connection. Every individual is where they are because of their history, their experiences, and their interactions with others.

TECHealth An Emergency Services Company

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