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Emergency Room Staffing Solutions

Emergency Room Staffing Solutions Created By Experienced Emergency Room Physicians Designed To:

Increase the Efficiency of Patient Flow
Align the Needs of Both Physicians & Hospital Leadership
Constant Quality Control On Each of Our Emergency Physicians
TECHealth Emergency Room Staffing Solutions

Our ER Staffing Services

Hiring & Recruitment Process

Experience has shown us that physicians are often the best recruiters. While our career recruiters support recruiting efforts, we anticipate you, as our partner, to play a significant role in the recruiting process leveraging your connections and the reputation of your emergency medicine staff.

Recruitment Selection Procedure For Employees


Recruitment Selection

Our primary recruitment strategy is three-fold.

1 Create a facility where quality physician leaders want to work, where they know they will be successful.

2 Encourage respected physician leaders in the community to join your organization.

3 Build on the reputation of the physician leaders to attract top physician talent.

Hiring Process

TECHealth utilizes a rigorous process for selecting and hiring quality physicians. We conduct a multi-step hiring process, including a team interview which allows for multiple points of view, and a site visit. Throughout the process candidates are rated using a Topgrading scorecard and hired based on objective scorecard results.

Hiring Process At TECHealth


Medical Staff Credentialing At TECHealth


Medical Staff Credentialing

Once a physician is hired, he or she immediately has access to our physician support team to assist with credentialing, a particular pain point for physicians. We do everything in our power to remove that pain point. The support team collects, stores, and monitors all items required for credentialing. We complete applications and assemble necessary items so that all physicians have to do, is review and sign. We also monitor expiration dates and notify physicians in plenty of time to renew necessary items.

Why Choose TECHealth Emergency Room Physicians?

We believe the primary key to success is creating a facility and team where quality physicians want to work. This focus drives the successes of supporting staff, culture, support tools, facility, EMR, and other operational components. The quality of this supportive culture acts as a clarion call for other like-minded physicians to join your team and leave their mark on leadership, clinical care, and the patient experience.

Quick, Quality Candidate Fulfillment For Your Emergency Room

Quick, Quality Candidate Fulfillment For Your Emergency Room

We create an environment that attracts outstanding talent. Our recruitment process ensures they are capable and reliable team members.

Hiring With Intention

Hiring With Intention

Our hiring and evaluation decisions are driven by our Core Values philosophy, that have created a strong company culture.

ER Culture That Brings Talent to Your Door

ER Culture That Brings Talent to Your Door

We work with our partners to create an environment where good physicians want to practice. This in turn provides the foundation for an outstanding patient experience.

TECHealth Staffing Testimonials

“Of all the places I have worked for over the past 20 years, I feel that TEC has taken the greatest interest in developing my leadership qualities and abilities.”

Joseph Heidenreich, Facility Medical Director
Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital, McQueen

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to partner with TEC as we continue the Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital journey. Emergency Medicine is our largest service line and the clinical excellence and skilled leadership that Drs. Linder, McHale and Betz bring will help position us to continue to grow and follow our vision.”

Jane E.T. Hanson, President & CEO
Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital, Phoenix

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