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    Emergency Room Partnerships

    TECHealth, an Emergency Services Company, is dedicated to expanding our uniquely high standards of care and operations to patients, ER physicians, and potential partners throughout the U.S.

Our Partnership Opportunities

TECHealth, scaleable partnership models address the pain points associated with emergency medicine operations and are uniquely designed for your location’s needs as it grows. A partnership with TECHealth could be a standalone purchase or a single service such as staffing to complete operation management.

No Wait At Our Owned And Operated The Emergency Center Facilities
Owned & Operated Facilities

TECHealth can become your partner in operating a location, or we purchase your facility bringing processes and procedures that enhance patient care and fit the needs of your emergency room.

Joint Ventures At TECHealth In Arizona And Texas
Joint Ventures

As your partner, TECHealth will design and implement an efficient, smooth-running, financially stable emergency facility.

TECHealth Management Services
Management Services

TECHealth can remove the operational pain points by utilizing our well-trained management service staff to assume responsibilities in HR, billing and coding, finance, marketing, and staff management.

TECHealth Consulting Services
Consulting Services

TECHealth can provide support beyond operations including short term advising, training, and other stand-alone services.

Patient Journey

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Patient Journey From The Moment You Are Injured


Our Doctors Explain The TEC Difference

At TECHealth, we are revolutionizing emergency healthcare with our no-wait, freestanding ER facilities. We provide 24/7 emergency room services staffed by our team of highly skilled physicians, nurses, radiologists, and more to ensure your patients receive the best possible care when they need it most. Partnering with TECHealth allows you to leverage our extensive experience in managing efficient and top-notch emergency medical services.

TECHealth’s expertise extends beyond staffing, offering EMR and partnership services to clinics, hospitals, and medical practices throughout Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma. Our comprehensive approach to emergency care includes owned and operated ER facilities, joint ventures, management services, and consulting services. By partnering with TECHealth, your facility gains access to a network of industry-leading professionals and resources, empowering you to deliver exceptional emergency care to your patients.

TECHealth Partnership FAQ’s

Yes! We purchase existing freestanding emergency room locations. We currently own and operate The Emergency Center in San Antonio, Texas and we understand all aspects of managing an emergency room.

ER docs want to practice emergency medicine and care for patients. They don’t want to have to learn the legally complex world of HR. TECHealth™ removes that burden by utilizing our well-trained back office staff to assume all operational responsibilities including:

  • Implementing an HRIS system
  • Recruiting and Hiring of all Nurses, Techs, and Front Desk Staff
  • Employee Orientation and Training
  • Development and Implementation of HR Policies and Procedures
  • Payroll Services
  • Employee Counseling, Growth and Development
  • Credentialing Services for W2 Facility Staff

We do! We have owned and operated several freestanding ERs including The Emergency Center in San Antonio, TX.

TECHealth An Emergency Services Company

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