Latest Podcasts from Vital Visions

Vital Visions – EP-004 – Matt Lungren talks AI and medicine

Dr. Matt Lungren is the Chief Medical Information Officer at Microsoft+Nuance. We get to talk with him regarding AI and how it will impact medicine.

Vital Visions – EP-003 – He quit his ER job and started making house calls

Joel Richards worked in rural EDs and then some free-standing emergency departments but then quit and started a company that makes house calls. He is now in 4 towns and employs multiple providers.

Vital Visions – EP-002 – Taking vitals without even touching the patient?!? Seriously?

We talk with Norbert Health on their new device that can take a complete set of vitals without ever touching the patient. Say hello to an early version of a tricorder.

Vital Visions – EP-001 Can Acts of Kindness Help Prevent Physician Burnout

We interviewed David Gregg about his research on acts of kindness for the treatment of anxiety and depression and looked to apply those principles into daily practice to help prevent burnout.