TECdoc Scribe Prioritizes Patient Care, Managing All Other
Documentation Needs

A Breakthrough in Documentation with AI Assistance

  • AI Assisted Charting

  • No Need for Subsequent Dictation or Transcription After Seeing Patient
  • Professional And Clear Chart
  • Helps Identify Rare And Critical Diagnoses
  • Provides Reminders of Potential Diagnoses During Patient Evaluation
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Customized for hospitals, urgent care centers, emergency departments, and physician specialties

How It Works

TECdoc Scribe
Doctor Speaking With Patient While Using TECdoc Scribe

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TECdoc Scribe smoothly integrates into the clinician’s existing workflow. It automatically gathers and includes relevant data and context throughout the patient visit.

Physicians Communicate with Patients in Their Usual Manner


TECdoc Scribe functions discreetly in the background, allowing clinicians to focus entirely on patients during the visit, removing the necessity for multitasking.

Quickly Review and Export AI-Generated Drafts in Seconds


TECdoc Scribe converts recordings directly into any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, simplifying the conventional documentation process that involves choosing structured fields, clicking buttons, and entering free text into the EMR, thereby decreasing the non-clinical workload on healthcare providers.

TECdoc Scribe Pricing is Simple

TECdoc Scribe provides clear, transparent pricing, facilitating straightforward budgeting for healthcare providers. With no hidden fees, its cost-effective structure is designed to deliver the utmost value, accommodating different clinic sizes and patient loads. Uncomplicated and user-friendly, TECdoc Scribe reshapes the concept of affordability in healthcare documentation.

FAQ’s About TECdoc Scribe

TECdoc Scribe can greatly improve your medical practice by making documentation procedures more efficient. It precisely captures patient conversations, updates medical charts instantly, and streamlines tasks such as creating differential diagnoses and allocating billing codes. This not only saves time but also guarantees precision and adherence to current guidelines, enhancing overall efficiency and patient care.
Yes, TECdoc Scribe guarantees precision in its transcription services by accurately recording patient interactions. Nonetheless, it’s essential to highlight that TECdoc Scribe does not gather or share Protected Health Information, a policy that supports the protection of patient confidentiality and information integrity in line with HIPAA standards.
TECdoc Scribe distinguishes itself from other transcription services with its cutting-edge AI technology. It not only delivers precise transcriptions but also provides instant updates to medical records, automated creation of differential diagnoses, ICD-10 and CPT coding, and adherence to the 2023 CMS documentation standards. This holistic strategy differentiates it in efficiency and functionality. Furthermore, TECdoc Scribe boosts its functionality by offering recommendations for differential diagnoses and proposed next steps for assessing and treating the patient.
Yes, TECdoc Scribe is accessible on various devices and platforms, offering flexibility and convenience for healthcare professionals. Its compatibility guarantees smooth integration with different workflows and clinical environments.
Ensuring the security of your uploaded data is paramount for TECdoc Scribe. It utilizes strong encryption and rigorous data protection practices to guarantee maximum security, complying with stringent HIPAA regulations to protect patient information and preserve confidentiality.
TECdoc Scribe is ideal for health care facilities of any size, from small to large. Its flexible pricing and scalable features accommodate clinics of various sizes, ensuring it is accessible and advantageous for health care providers across the board.

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