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ER Partnership Opportunities For Arizona Hospitals, Clinics & Private Medical Practices

Arizona’s Top-Rated Emergency Room Partnerships

TecHealth is an Emergency Services Company offering quality solutions to many common issues faced by ERs. We partner with you by expanding our uniquely high standards of business operations to patients, consumers, physicians, and more.

Partnership Opportunities For Texas Hospitals, Clinics And Private Medical Practices
Partnership Opportunities For Texas Hospitals, Clinics And Private Medical Practices

Improve Your Medical Practice’s ER With An Emergency Room Partnership In Arizona

Our Scalable Partnership Models:

Because we are uniquely familiar with the many components of managing a freestanding ER, TecHealth is the ideal resource for your needs as you continue to grow and serve more patients. We offer a variety of partnership opportunities ranging anywhere from standalone purchase to focus on a single aspect such as staffing or charting. TecHealth is committed to facilitating a smooth transition no matter your emergency medicine operation needs are.

No Wait At Our Owned And Operated Freestanding ER Facilities In Texas

Owned & Operated Freestanding ER Facilities

Our goal is to enhance patient care and experience, whether through a partnership focused on facility operation, or a comprehensive purchase with new procedures and processes.

Joint Ventures At TECHealth In Texas

Emergency Room Joint Ventures

TecHealth is a five-star joint venture partner, providing the opportunity for a financially stable, efficient, and smoothly operated emergency room. Our team is on your side!

TecHealth Provides ER Staff Management, Finance And Marketing Services

ER Staff Management, Finance & Marketing Services

By thoroughly training your existing staff in areas such as HR, billing, coding, finance, marketing, and staff management, TecHealth can remove operational pain points for a smoother process.

Emergency Room Training And Consulting Services For New Partners

Emergency Room Training & Consulting Services For New Partners

We are ready to train your staff in new procedures and provide step-by-step consulting services as you enhance patient experience. We can guide you toward streamlined, dedicated patient care.

Quality Patient Experience In Texas

Arizona ER Partnership Providing Improved Patient Experience

We’re Commited To Expand Our High Standards Of Care & Operations To Patients

There are many benefits provided by an Arizona ER partnership with TecHealth. While our highest goal is to expand our uniquely high standards of care and business operation to our partners, we train your staff to know smooth emergency medicine operations like the back of their hand. Whether you partner with our team through a standalone purchase or simply need additional, focused training in a single department, TecHealth is here for you and ready to help improve your patient care!

The Emergency Center’s Patient Journey

Become A Partner & Provide High Quality Emergency Medical Services To Your Patients

Patient Journey

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Patient Journey From The Moment You Are Injured


Why Partner Your AZ Emergency Room With TECHealth?

We’ll Assume All Operational Responsibilities In Your ER Facility

From smooth operation to streamlined processes, along with focused training and effective staff recruitment, TecHealth is an incredible resource for your emergency room. Give us a call to learn more!

TECHealth Implements A Human Resources Information System

Implement A Human Resources Information System

An efficiently managed human resources department with a strong foundation is key to running an effective emergency department. Our secure online software from TecHealth makes every aspect of HR simple, including recruitment, staffing ratios, disciplinary actions, and letting staff go. No more paper charts, just efficiency and success!

Nurse, Technicians & Front Desk Staff Recruitment

TecHealth utilizes a proven approach for the hiring and staffing process. Consider partnering with us to learn more about our streamlined method as we guide you through the work of hiring new staff and managing your existing staff, whether you need Nurses, Physicians, front desk receptionists, or lab technicians.

TECHealth Works With Top Nurse, Technicians And Front Desk Staff Recruitment
TEcHealth Provides Emergency Room Employee Orientation And Training

Emergency Room Employee Orientation & Training

While TecHealth will guide you through the process of hiring new staff, we expect you to play a key role in selecting and hiring quality employees, creating a facility where people want to work, and training them to provide high quality care that is patient and thorough.

Easy To Use Payroll And Revenue Management Services

Payroll & Revenue Management Services

Take advantage of our easy-to-use software and streamlined approach for managing payroll, income, and expenses. Our technicians will help you through the training and implementation process!

TecHealth Offers Core Values For Employee Counseling, Growth And Development

Employee Counseling, Growth & Development

We believe that employee satisfaction and growth are a key foundation to the success of your organization, so TecHealth uses Core Values to enhance the employee experience.

Credentialing Services For W-2 Employer Forms

Credentialing Services For W-2 Employer Forms

Having a credentialed institution assures patients of the quality and competence of service they will receive at your emergency room. Let us make sure your credentials are in place!

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FAQs About Our ER Partnership Services

When TecHealth is ready to purchase a freestanding ER, there are a few foundational aspects we look for first. We want to see a freestanding emergency room that shows a consistent patient flow, great potential with plenty of room for growth and improvement, and teachable staff whose top priority is to provide a high standard of patient care. We are ready to improve and enhance your performance!
The amount of time TecHealth needs to partner with an emergency room is dependent on what will be involved in the process. A standalone purchase will be a much longer process than will focusing on a single area such as revenue or staffing. You can trust that TecHealth will communicate clearly with you from start to finish, so that you know exactly what to expect for the implementation process.
Yes we do! Part of our incredible partnership package offered to emergency rooms throughout Arizona is detailed, regular reports and data management so you will know exactly which areas are excelling and which areas still need improvement and focus. Not only do these reports help you, but they help our staff better focus their efforts as they come alongside your existing staff and facility.
Currently, TecHealth owns several freestanding emergency rooms, and is always on the lookout for more facilities to partner with that are structurally distinct from a hospital and carry proper licensing. Ultimately, TecHealth is passionate about working with licensed Physicians, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are private employees seeking autonomy in their structure. A hospital-based system typically does not allow as much flexibility and freedom to utilize more efficient resources.
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