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Electronic Medical Records System For ERs, Hospitals & Clinics Throughout Arizona

  • A Revolutionary Software That Mirrors And Optimizes The Patient Journey
  • A Unique EMR That Captures And Optimizes Physicians’ Discharge Instructions
  • Access Real-Time Data, Including Statistics, Staff Directory, And Patient Registration
Arizona EMR Services
EMR System Implementation For Medical Practice In Arizona

Arizona’s Leading EMR System Implementation Services

Improve Your ER’s Patient Journey Using Our Electronic Medical Record System

TECHealth TECHealth is a five-star Emergency Services Company providing the opportunity to expand your high standards of care and business operations, enhance patient experience, and align the goals of your entire healthcare organization.

Electronic Medical Record Solutions For Arizona Emergency Rooms

Why Choose TECdoc EMR System

Save Time And Optimize Your Medical Processes With Our EMR Software

Save Time & Optimize Your Medical Processes With Our EMR Software

We can help ensure a smooth transition from your old software to the new TECHealth EMR with a simple, straightforward onboarding process.

Improve Patient Experience With TECdoc In Arizona

Improve Patient Experience With TECdoc

The simple note-taking process and ease of use of the EMR provides shorter waiting times for an overall enhanced patient experience.

EMR System Providing Statistics, Physician Voice Recordings, And More

EMR System Providing Statistics, Physician Voice Recordings & More

Browse a variety of options on our user-friendly software to easily keep track of statistics, voice recordings, and other important patient information.

User-Friendly EMR Software For Physicians, Nurses And Healthcare Staff

User-Friendly EMR Software For Physicians, Nurses & Healthcare Staff

Keep patient information easily accessible across the board to all the necessary providers through efficient, clear data entry on our EMR program.

How Our EMR System Works

Implement A Safe Electronic Health Record System To Your ER

TECdoc allows patients’ medical records to be easily accessed and edited between healthcare providers with efficient data entry and accurate tracking options. Improve the patient experience through precise care from a reliable software system!

  • Consistently Track Patient Data
  • Low Cost & Fully Assisted Software Migration
  • Universal Electronic Patient Charts
Happy doctor after using TECHealth's EMR platform

Our EMR PlatformFeatures & Services

Reliable EMR Statistics In Arizona

Access the patient data you require promptly and effortlessly with just a touch of a button using TECdoc EMR.

TECdoc Provides Organized Staff Directory In Arizona
Staffing Directory

TECdoc allows you to keep accurate records of staff attendance, patient information, staff directory, physician notes, and more, all precisely organized in an easy-to-use interface.

EMR Systems

As a reliable, easy-to-use Electronic Medical Record, TECdoc offers revolutionary patient care and an efficient way for healthcare providers to track their patient data.

Easy Medical Case Management And Patient Registration

Streamline the patient registration process and quickly manage caseloads through a detailed, precise patient directory. TECdoc offers integrated care at the touch of a button.

EMR TECdoc Provides Up-To-Date Information And Reports

Easily find medical reports from healthcare providers across the board for each patient, along with allergy information, health history, prescription medications, and more, for overall improved patient care.

An Advanced Electronic Medical Record Interface

Typical EMR systems are outdated, slow, and difficult to navigate. With the updated TECdoc system in Arizona, you can find a variety of innovative options that allow you to enhance patient care and streamline the note-taking process. Automate redundant clicks with shortcodes, get web-based Chrome automation, and add vocabulary for specific word recognition to ensure an efficient data entry process and best use of your time.

TECdoc Designed By Physicians For Physicians
  • Automate redundant clicks with shortcodes

  • Streamline your Workflow
  • Chrome Automation – Navigate Web Based
  • Add Vocabulary to recognize specific word
  • Portable Solution – Cloud Based
  • Uptime 99.9% guaranteed

Clean and Intuitive Interface

Template Driven EMR Systems

  • Does not allow creation of shortcodes

  • Does not support faster workflow

  • Requires special software
  • Does not have voice entry
  • They are not portable solutions

  • Time loss on downed systems

Obsolete and Complicated Interface

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The EMR Software Preferred By Arizona Hospitals, Clinics & Emergency Rooms

With the ability to improve productivity, enhance patient experience, and streamline your workflow, TECdoc is the most preferred system across Arizona hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, and other healthcare organizations. Take advantage of a friendly charting system, easy to access patient notes, and a clean interface to ensure a better experience for both the patient and the healthcare provider. Contact TECHealth today to learn more about the benefits and features of TECdoc!

Clean And Intuitive EMR Interface Available In Arizona

Clean & Intuitive EMR Interface

Workflow is prohibited with a complicated, confusing interface. TECdoc is a mobile and tablet-friendly charting system with a simple, easy-to-use EMR interface providing portable access to patient information and records. You can quickly navigate patient charts and find pertinent information from each healthcare provider for reduced errors and a more efficient use of your time.

Implement A Customizable Medical Record Organization System

TECdoc EMR makes patient charting even easier with a fully customizable system. With efficient, reliable options, you can organize tabs and patient information in a way that makes sense to you. Try it today and see why TECHealth has consistently received five-star ratings from healthcare providers across Arizona. We are dedicated to helping you care for the needs of your patients!

EMR Systems Are Customizable Medical Record Organization System
Fully Scalable And Digitized Medical Records Software Available In Arizona

Fully Scalable & Digitized Medical Records Software

At the touch of a button, TECdoc allows you to review patient medical records in a format that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. As a cloud-based software, TECdoc offers a wide range of fully scalable options across the board for an enhanced work experience and more efficient data entry process.

Easily Navigate Patient Charts With Our Cloud-Based EMR System

With the click of a button, you can quickly transition between notes from different healthcare providers, patient history, prescription information, and more. Tailor your user experience in a way that makes sense to you and allows you to improve workflow, enhance patient care, and improve coordination and communication. TECdoc is also compatible with mobile devices!

Cloud-Based EMR System For Easy Patient Chart Navigation
Mobile And Tablet Friendly Easy-To-Use Medical Charts For Arizona Health Providers
TECdoc Designed By Physicians For Physicians

The Most Efficient Mobile & Tablet Friendly EMR Software

Track Your Staff & Patients’ Records And Information Through A Mobile-Friendly Interface

Contrary to the typical, template-based EMR systems widely used today, TECdoc is thoughtfully curated to make patient care simple and concise. Not only can you track all your patient data, but you can quickly access the staff directory, attendance, and staffing statistics for ease of scheduling.

Used & Recommended By

The Emergency Center

TECdoc is designed to easily integrate with your existing software to ensure a simple transition period. Get patient records and pertinent information at your fingertips along with prescriptions, health history, allergies, medical providers, insurance information, and any other details you need to know to provide comprehensive care.

“I have used TECdoc for 9 months now. The onboarding when I started was very smooth and the learning curve was not steep. I like the ease of free texting that is often not present in other EMRs. I also like the ease of inserting pictures and recording conversations with the patient. Of the EMRs that I have used, this one is head and shoulders above the others.”

E. Sterling Huff, M.D., D.O., FACEP

“I have been a physician at The Emergency Center for several years and I have been in the industry 30 years. The EMR that we use is one of the best. The features are easy to use like ordering teat labs medication. The macros and dictation features generates a very good chart quickly. One of the best features is the ability to take photographs of wounds and add to chart. I recommend it highly.”

Dr. Seán

“TECdoc is the most user friendly EMR I have ever used. As the medical director, I have to explain how to use this to each new doctors. It is very easy to onboard new physicians and they all learn it and pick it up quickly- making my job easier. When I do have a question or issue, their support has been fantastic.”

Jeff Erdner, M.D.

We’ll Provide Support & Assistance
For Your Medical Records System

EMR System Coaching And Training In Arizona

Professional EMR System Coaching & Training

We are with you every step of the way as you transition to the new software and learn how it works.

Organized And Secured Medical File Migration

Organized & Secure Medical File Migration

We assist with file migration to the new system and offer free coaching to ensure a smooth integration.

TECHealth Offers A Wide Range Of Support And Guidance Resources For EMR System Users

Exceptional Customer Service & Guidance Resources

TECHealth is available 24/7 and offers a wide network of resources as you transition to TECdoc.

FAQ’s About Our EMR Software Services

Recent studies show that the typical multi-physician practice and emergency room organization will spend over $150,000 to implement a new EMR system. This includes over $80,000 in first-year maintenance costs. A cloud-based system, such as TECdoc, takes only a few short weeks to implement and integrate, depending on the size and complexity of your ER organization. Contact TECHealth with any questions or concerns about costs, implementation, or use!
Yes! One of our highest priorities at TECHealth is to provide a reliable, completely secure system for healthcare professionals to use in their practice. TECdoc is protected by state-of-the-art software, and is designed to make sure that only the necessary parties have access to patient records, data, and staff information. Security is taken very seriously at TECHealth, and we are always working to improve the reliability and safety of our EMR system.
Yes, you can! TECHealth is proud to offer a fully customizable and scalable system for the needs of your organization. You can customize your preferences, add shortcuts, integrate new vocabulary, and upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time according to your needs. We want you to be fully satisfied with your experience! Contact TECHealth today to learn more about TECdoc EMR, and to let us know about any suggestions you have to improve the system!
Absolutely! TecHelath is proud to have a team of friendly, skilled, and highly trained professional techs available 24/7 to assist with your transition to the new system and troubleshooting any concerns you come across. Take advantage of our training videos for detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs and how-to information to assist with daily use and operation of TECdoc. We want you to have a completely seamless transition to the new software.
Yes, we do. We would never sell you a software and then leave you alone to figure it out. We offer free, full assistance for the implementation of TECdoc, integration of your files, and migration of patient data. Our goal is to provide the most efficient, painless transition possible to our user-friendly, customizable interface. TECHealth is connected to a variety of reliable resources that offer maintenance, technical support, and education as you learn the new system and train your staff.
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