ER Physician Staffing, TECdoc Electronic Medical Record, Freestanding ER’s

Chandler, AZ – Aug. 30, 2022

The emergency medicine physicians who founded The Emergency Center, a freestanding emergency room company, have launched TECHealth, An Emergency Services Company, offering an array of business operations and clinical services solutions. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, TECHealth has locations in Texas and Arizona.

“TECHealth is dedicated to expanding our uniquely high standards of emergency medicine clinical practice and successful business operations to create a one-stop source for those currently providing emergency services or those interested in pursuing opportunities in emergency medicine,” Keith Butler, MD, MBA, FACEP, CEP, TECHealth’s CEO, said.

TECHealth is dedicated to impacting the availability and quality of emergency services for patients, consumers, ER physicians, and potential business partners. The company encompasses three distinct service lines – ER physician staffing, TECdoc electronic medical record (EMR) platform, and owned/operated freestanding ER partnerships including The Emergency Center.

TECHealth ER Physician Staffing focuses on the entire hiring process, from recruitment to medical staff credentialing and onboarding. Created by experienced emergency room physicians, TECHealth ER Physician Staffing is designed to increase the efficiency of patient flow, align the needs of both physicians and hospital leadership, and continually monitor the quality of care provided by physicians.

TECdoc is an easy-to-implement ER dedicated EMR platform. The system’s software mirrors and optimizes the patient journey through the ER. It provides real-time data including statistics, staff directory, patient registrations, and more. It is also the only EMR that records physician discharge instructions for patients and their families to review at their convenience. TECdoc’s platform also interfaces with most hospital EMR systems.

TECHealth ER Partnerships utilizes the company’s expertise in running freestanding emergency rooms to design partnership models that address the most frequent pain points associated with emergency medicine operations. Each scalable business arrangement is uniquely designed for a specific location’s needs as it grows. Business opportunities range from owned and operated facilities to joint ventures. TECHealth Partnerships also offers management and consulting services to complement and support freestanding ER operations.

“The future of freestanding emergency rooms is full of promise,” Dr. Butler said. “With TECHealth, we’re taking a leadership position in the industry. Our goal is to provide high-quality, comprehensive, convenient emergency medicine care using our proven approach to successful facility operations.


Contact: Steve Tatum, 877-336-6898