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Top-Rated ER Partnership Opportunities For Texas Hospitals, Clinics & Private Medical Practices

Texas’ Top Choice For Emergency Room Partnerships

TECHealth, a devoted Emergency Services Company, is committed to extending our exceptionally high care and operational standards to patients, emergency room physicians, and potential partners across the United States.

Partnership Opportunities For Texas Hospitals, Clinics And Private Medical Practices
Partnership Opportunities For Texas Hospitals, Clinics And Private Medical Practices

Improve Your ER With An Emergency Room Partnership In Texas

Our Scalable Partnership Models:

TECHealth offers scalable partnership models that tackle the challenges of emergency medicine operations and are tailor-made to suit the evolving needs of your location. Partnering with TECHealth can involve standalone purchases or single services, including staffing or complete operation management.

No Wait At Our Owned And Operated Freestanding ER Facilities In Texas

Owned & Operated Freestanding ER Facilities

Whether you need a partnership focusing on location operation or a complete purchase to bring new procedures and processes, our goal is to enhance patient care and experience.

Emergency Room Joint Ventures At TECHealth In Texas

Emergency Room Joint Ventures

As your joint venture partner, TecHealth provides the opportunity for an efficient, smooth-running, and financially stable emergency room. We are on your side!

TecHealth Provides ER Staff Management, Finance And Marketing Services

ER Staff Management, Finance & Marketing Services

Let us remove the operational pain points of your emergency room with the help of well-trained management staff in areas like HR, billing, coding, finance, marketing, staff management, and more.

Emergency Room Training And Consulting Services For New Partners

Emergency Room Training & Consulting Services For New Partners

TECHealth offers comprehensive support beyond operations, including short-term consulting, training, and other standalone services.

Emergency Room Partnership Providing Quality Patient Experience In Texas

Texas Emergency Room Partnership Providing Quality Patient Experience

Committed To Expanding Our Uniquely High Standards Of Care & Operations To Patients

Our number one goal at TECHealth is to continually expand our uniquely high standards of care and business operations to our business partners. We know emergency medicine like the back of our hand, and train your staff to as well! Whether you choose our standalone purchase partnership option, or simply need additional training and a new process in a single department within your emergency room, we are here for you!

The Emergency Center’s Patient Journey

Become A Partner & Start Providing High Quality Emergency Medical Services To Your Patients

Patient Journey

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Patient Journey From The Moment You Are Injured


Our Doctors Explain The TEC Difference

At TECHealth, we’re transforming emergency healthcare with our immediate-access, standalone ER facilities. Around the clock, our emergency rooms are manned by a team of top-tier physicians, nurses, radiologists, and other professionals, ensuring your patients receive premier care precisely when it’s needed. Partnering with TECHealth means tapping into our vast experience in delivering efficient, high-quality emergency medical services.

TECHealth’s prowess goes beyond just staffing; we offer EMR and partnership services to clinics, hospitals, and medical practices across Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Our holistic approach to emergency care encompasses owning and operating ER facilities, creating joint ventures, providing management services, and offering consultancy. Partnering with TECHealth gives your facility a connection to a network of premier professionals and resources, enabling you to provide outstanding emergency care to your patients.

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FAQs About Our ER Partnership Services

When TecHealth seeks to partner with an emergency room through standalone purchase, we look for a few key aspects before proceeding with the purchase. We want to see a freestanding emergency room with a consistent patient flow, great potential with room for growth, and teachable staff.
The amount of time necessary to implement an emergency room partnership with TecHealth depends entirely on what is involved. Some ER departments use our partnership to strengthen a single area such as staffing or revenue flow, while others take advantage of the standalone purchase. We will communicate clearly with you about the estimated time for your specific department!
Absolutely! Part of the partnership package we offer to emergency departments in Texas is to provide detailed, regular reports and data management so you can be aware of areas that excel and areas that still need improvement. These reports help our staff better focus their efforts as well.
Yes. TecHealth currently owns several freestanding ERs, and is always looking to partner with other licensed facilities that are structurally distinct from a hospital. We are passionate about working with Physicians, Nurses, and other personnel who are private employees and seek more autonomy in their structure than a hospital-based system.
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