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  • A Software That Mirrors & Optimizes the Patient Journey
  • The Only EMR that Records the Physicians Discharge Instructions
  • Real Time Data Including Statistics, Staff Directory, Patient Registrations & More!
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EHR System Implementation For Medical Practice In Texas

Professional EMR System Implementation In Texas

Improve Patient Journey For Your Medical Practice

TECHealth is passionate about expanding our exceptionally high standards of care and business operations to patients, consumers, ER physicians, and other healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

Electronic Medical Record Solutions For Emergency Rooms

Why Choose Us
Save Time And Optimize Your Medical Processes With Our EMR Software
Save Time & Optimize Your Medical Processes With Our EMR Software

The onboarding process is simple to ensure an easy transition from your old software to TECdoc EMR.

Enhance Patient Experience With TECdoc In Texas
Enhance Patient Experience With TECdoc

Reduce waiting times with simple note-taking and ease of use to enhance your patients’ experience.

EMR System Provide Statistics, Physician Voice Recordings And More
EMR System Providing Statistics, Physician Voice Recordings & More

With our user-friendly EMR system, you can easily keep track of statistics, voice recordings, and other important information.

User-Friendly EHR Software For Physicians, Nurses And Healthcare Staff
User-Friendly EMR Software For Physicians, Nurses & Healthcare Staff

Improve efficiency and clear communication across the board with TECDoc. Data entry is simple and painless!

How Our EMR System Works

Safe & Secure Electronic Health
Record System In Texas

Through efficient data entry and accurate tracking, your patients’ medical records can be easily accessed and edited between healthcare professionals. The system is reliable and designed to improve the patient experience through precise care.

  • Consistently Track Patient Data
  • Low Cost & Fully Assisted Software Migration
  • Universal Electronic Patient Charts
Happy doctor after using our EMR System Software

Our EMR PlatformFeatures & Services

Reliable EMR Statistics


Get the patient data you need in a timely manner with the simple touch of a button with TECdoc EMR.

TECdoc Provides Organized Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Easily access your staff directory, patient information, and physician notes all in one organized location to ensure quick and precise patient care.

EMR Systems


As a reliable, easy-to-use Electronic Medical Record, TECdoc offers revolutionary patient care and an efficient way for healthcare providers to track their patient data.

Easy Medical Case Management And Patient Registration


Find a patient directory that allows you to quickly manage caseloads and offer integrated care for your patients on TECdoc.

EMR TECdoc Provides Up-To-Date Information And Reports


Get pertinent, up to date information and progress reports on patient care, prescription medication, allergies, health history, and more for improved patient care.

A More Sophisticated Electronic Medical Record Interface

TECdoc is designed to provide a more intuitive experience than typical EMR systems. With the option to automate redundant clicks with shortcodes, streamline your workflow process, get web-based Chrome automation, and add vocabulary for specific word recognition, TECdoc ensures an efficient and simple data entry experience. Enhance your patient experience and improve your productivity with the click of a button!

TECdoc Designed By Physicians For Physicians
  • Automate redundant clicks with shortcodes

  • Streamline your Workflow
  • Chrome Automation – Navigate Web Based
  • Add Vocabulary to recognize specific word
  • Portable Solution – Cloud Based
  • Uptime 99.9% guaranteed

Clean and Intuitive Interface

Template Driven EMR Systems

  • Does not allow creation of shortcodes

  • Does not support faster workflow

  • Requires special software
  • Does not have voice entry
  • They are not portable solutions

  • Time loss on downed systems

Obsolete and Complicated Interface

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The Ideal EMR Software For Texas Hospitals, Clinics & Emergency Rooms

TECdoc is a mobile and tablet friendly charting system designed to provide portable access to patient information and records, right at your fingertips. Through our clean interface, you can easily navigate patient charts with 100% readability for reduced errors and saved time. With our 99.9% uptime guarantee and template-driven charts, we can offer a solution to improve healthcare quality and productivity. Contact us now to learn more about how TECdoc EMR can benefit your workflow process.

EMR Software Is Customizable And Easy To Implement Into Existing Systems

Customizable & Easy To Implement Into Existing Systems

Fully customize your charting with thorough, efficient, and reliable solutions that are designed to cover all your patient needs . Our team will work with you to seamlessly integrate TECdoc EMR into your existing healthcare system, ensuring a smooth transition and improved workflow.

Fully Scalable & Digitized Medical Records Software

Review patient medical records at the touch of a button in a format that is easy to read and understand. TECdoc is cloud-based and offers a wide range of scalable options across the board, from small clinics to large hospitals. Say goodbye to messy, cluttered paper charts and get to know TECdoc’s efficient and reliable EMR solutions.

EMR System Is A Fully Scalable And Digitized Medical Records Software
Cloud-Based EMR System With A Clean Interface

Cloud-Based EMR System With A Clean Interface

As a fully customizable platform that is cloud-based, you can tailor your user experience. Improve workflow and enhance patient care through effective coordination and communication on TECdoc, right at your fingertips. Easily navigate patient charts with our well-organized layout and reduce errors with 100% readability.

Install A Superior Medical Record Organization System

TECdoc is carefully designed to make patient care simple and straightforward. It will easily integrate with your existing system, provide a clean and intuitive interface, and offer customizable options to tailor your user experience. From small clinics to large hospitals, TECdoc EMR offers a scalable solution for improved healthcare quality and productivity.

Man Installing EMR, A Superior Medical Record Organization System
Mobile & Tablet Friendly Easy-To-Use Medical Charts
TECdoc Designed By Physicians For Physicians

Reduce Errors And Waiting Times With Our Mobile & Tablet Friendly EMR Software

The Most Efficient Software To Track Your Staff & Patients’ Records And Information

Wth patient records and information available at your fingertips, you can easily access prescriptions, health history, allergies, medical providers, and any other details you need to ensure smooth, thorough patient care. Start improving your patient experience today!

Used & Recommended By

The Emergency Center

TECdoc is a reliable and trusted EMR system and the sole platform utilized by The Emergency Center and other clients. With state of the art technology to access and update patient records with ease, TECdoc is the best option for a wide range of health care facilities, emergency centers, and private practices.

“I have used TECdoc for 9 months now. The onboarding when I started was very smooth and the learning curve was not steep. I like the ease of free texting that is often not present in other EMRs. I also like the ease of inserting pictures and recording conversations with the patient. Of the EMRs that I have used, this one is head and shoulders above the others.”

E. Sterling Huff, M.D., D.O., FACEP

“I have been a physician at The Emergency Center for several years and I have been in the industry 30 years. The EMR that we use is one of the best. The features are easy to use like ordering teat labs medication. The macros and dictation features generates a very good chart quickly. One of the best features is the ability to take photographs of wounds and add to chart. I recommend it highly.”

Dr. Seán

“TECdoc is the most user friendly EMR I have ever used. As the medical director, I have to explain how to use this to each new doctors. It is very easy to onboard new physicians and they all learn it and pick it up quickly- making my job easier. When I do have a question or issue, their support has been fantastic.”

Jeff Erdner, M.D.

Customer Support & Assistance
For Your Medical Records System

EMR System Coaching And Training In Texas

EMR System Coaching & Training

Receive free coaching and thorough guidance from TECHealth as you integrate and learn the TECdoc system.

Easy And Organized Medical File Migration

Easy & Organized Medical File Migration

Let us assist with migration of your files to the new system to ensure a smooth, full integration.

TECHealth Offers A Wide Range Of Support And Guidance Resources For EMR System Users

Wide Range Of Support & Guidance Resources

TECHealth provides a wide network of resources to ensure your transition to TECdoc is seamless and smooth.

FAQ’s About Our EMR Software Services

Recent studies estimate that the typical multi-physician practice will spend over $150,000 to implement a new EMR system in their practice. This includes over $80,000 going toward first-year maintenance costs and other concerns. It typically takes just a few weeks to implement and integrate a cloud-based system such as TECdoc, depending on the size and complexity of your organization. Contact TECHealth with any questions or concerns regarding the cost of implementing TECdoc!

Absolutely. Our number one priority at TECHealth is to provide a reliable system for healthcare professionals that is fully secured. TECdoc is protected by state of the art software, and is designed to only give the necessary parties access to patient records, data, and staff information. We take security very seriously and are always working to improve the reliability and safety of TECdoc. If you have any questions or concerns, our technical staff is available 24/7 to offer support, assistance, and maintenance on your EMR system.

Yes! One of the highest rated services offered at TECHealth is the opportunity to fully scale the system to your needs. We can help you customize your preferences and settings, add shortcuts, integrate new vocabulary, and upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to improve your overall experience. Your satisfaction with TECdoc is important to us, and we want TECdoc to improve your patient experience and offer a reliable solution to the needs of your healthcare institution. Contact TECHealth today to learn more!

Absolutely! At TECHealth, we are proud to have skilled, experienced tech support available anytime of day or night to assist in your transition to the new system and troubleshoot any concerns that may arise during implementation. TECHealth also offers a large variety of thorough training videos that provide detailed walkthroughs and step-by-step how-to information to assist with daily use and operation of TECdoc. Our goal is to make this a seamless transition for you and your entire healthcare organization!

Yes we do! Our team at TECHealth proudly provides full assistance for implementing TECdoc, integrating your old system with the new, and migrating your files completely. Our goal is to provide the most painless and seamless transition possible to our user-friendly, fully secure interface. Our technical staff is connected with many reliable resources that offer maintenance, support, and education as you learn the new EMR system and transition your current patient data. If you have any concerns about integration or implementation, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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