Work with TECHealth at Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital ERs

Available Positions For ER Physicians/APP’s

ER Physicians Working with TECHealth at Arizona General Hospital ERs

Working with TECHealth at Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital ERs

“Burn out” “just movin’ the meat” “moral injury of red tape” … Are these the headlines from your last shift? If so, consider working with a group who’s felt all of this and works consistently to Do Something Good for our patients. The real joy in healthcare comes in the extra mile…going above and beyond for a patient, the grateful smile and ‘thanks doc’, the empathy, listening, and caring. If that’s the way you want to practice medicine, consider working with TECHealth at Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital ERs.

Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital ERs

What Kind of ER Professionals Are We Looking For?

  • Empathy
    Physicians and APPs who put themselves in the shoes of our patients and work to comfort and relieve suffering. Individuals who understand what it’s like to be a patient…the worry, the unknown, and the fear associated with being injured or ill.

  • Accountability
    Professionals who maintain their skills and knowledge. Providers who hold others, in a respectful way, accountable – both in patient care and in adherence to our core values.

  • Do Something Good
    Providers willing to break convention to do the right thing for a patient if necessary. Providers that have the courage to choose the right way to proceed in difficult situations. TECHealth supports providers who choose to do what is best for the patient.
  • Zeal
    Physicians and APPs who enjoy coming to work and whose energy is infectious in the department. Professionals who can spot problems and generate solutions with excitement and optimism. Team players who create a positive, fun, professional environment.

Why Work With Us

Core Values

Work With TECHealth Core Values

At TECHealth, our Core Values drive our fundamental practice culture. The values of Doing Something Good, Empathy, Accountability, and Zeal guide our decisions as well as our interactions with each other, our teams, hospital staff, our patients, and their families. Even though this has made TECHealth an outstanding place to practice, we are constantly striving for ways to improve our practice environment and provider satisfaction.

We understand the stresses and obstacles to providing outstanding medical care in today’s climate, and work collectively to overcome those challenges. It is our passion to make TECHealth a great practice atmosphere where providers are excited to come to work.
Better Lifestyle & Longevity

Work With TECHealth For Better Lifestyle And Longevity

We believe that a positive patient experience begins with provider satisfaction. The unique model our system uses to deliver healthcare lends itself to rapid evaluation of patients, more time to spend with patients and their families, and more rapid laboratory and imaging results. This translates to much better throughput and improved patient and staff satisfaction.

We have found that by supporting our teams, improving provider satisfaction, and allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling, our providers as a whole are more engaged not only at work but at home. This is why we are committed to providing a career that allows for greater fulfillment, thus improving our providers with quality of life and longevity.

Work With TECHealth For Variety

TECHealth recognizes the crucial need for work-life balance in preserving provider wellness. Our unique opportunity allows you to customize your work-life in a way that best fits your changing needs and goals. Each month, you may choose to work 24-hours shifts, 12-hour shifts or any combination that entices you. You can work in a collaborative environment with other APPs and physicians, or you may prefer to run the emergency room on your own.

After designing the work structure that works best for you, TECHealth is able to provide your schedule 3 months in advance, allowing for a healthy work-life balance. TECHealth has also put in place additional programs and systems to support lifestyle and longevity such as the NightRider program and Practice Manager support.

TECHealth Location And Geography

Sell your snow shovel! Sell your ice scrapers! With 330+ days of clear skies, sunshine is the only thing to shovel here. Phoenix’s beautiful sunny climate creates opportunity for outdoor adventure year-round with breathtaking landscapes statewide. The Phoenix area is a hub for a variety of concerts, professional sports, and family friendly activities for endless entertainment. With plenty of opportunities to meet your Vitamin D needs and lower living costs, it’s no wonder the Phoenix Metropolitan area has become a relocation magnet.

Practice Managers

TECHealth Practice Managers

We understand that the high pressure of the emergency room mixed with bureaucratic headaches can put a strain on even the most ardent doctor. We minimize this friction by providing Practice Managers. Practice Managers are tasked to make your life easier, whether that is by completing a 40+ page hospital application or working with you to try and find coverage for the shift you accidentally picked up on your anniversary, they become your right hand– a resource or a contact for anything and everything.


NightRider Voluntary Program With TECHealth

NightRider is a voluntary program that provides for an experienced APP to cover an 8-hour portion of a Physician’s night shift so that the Physician can sleep while on shift. Increasing the chance that you will be able to sleep during your night shifts enhances your lifestyle as the protected rest time means you can return home to your family refreshed and ready to participate in the day’s events. NightRider increases the longevity of your career, reduces burnout, and improves work/life balance.

Physician compensation for that shift is split to cover the APP compensation. The NightRider Program acts as a win-win by also providing opportunities for APPs to exercise enhanced autonomy and supplement their income by working shifts at lower volume facilities that wouldn’t otherwise offer APP shifts.

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    TECHealth really gets what we’re doing on the front lines of emergency medicine, and they go above and beyond in supporting us and getting us the equipment and processes in place to do our jobs effectively.

    Mike Demangone, M.D.,
    Facility Medical Director
    Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital ERs

    I feel that there is a unique culture of collaboration and teamwork here, and I feel perfectly comfortable reaching out to my leadership with any question or for help with any problem. I genuinely look forward to many more years on the TECHealth team at Arizona General Hospital!

    Joseph Heidenreich, M.D.,
    Facility Medical Director
    Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital ERs

    Joining the team at TECHealth was the best career decision that I’ve ever made. It is wonderful to work for an organization that understands the ins and outs, the trials, and the triumphs of the everyday providers on their teams.

    Joel Betz, M.D.,
    Regional Medical Officer
    Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital ERs

    Dignity Health – Mesa Hospital

    9130 E Elliot Road
    Mesa, AZ 85212

    Dignity Health – San Tan

    1419 W Hunt Highway
    San Tan Valley, AZ 85143

    Dignity Health – McQueen

    1064 E Ray Road
    Chandler, AZ 85225

    Dignity Health – Ahwatukee

    4328 E Chandler Boulevard
    Phoenix, AZ 85048

    Dignity Health – Tempe

    5125 S Rural Road
    Tempe, AZ 85282

    Dignity Health – Mesa Baseline

    1910 S Gilbert Road
    Mesa, AZ 85204

    Dignity Health – Chandler

    2977 E Germann Road
    Chandler, AZ 85286

    Dignity Health – Laveen Hospital

    7171 S 51st Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85339

    Dignity Health – Goodyear

    251 N Estrella Parkway
    Goodyear, AZ 85338

    Dignity Health – East Mesa

    1833 N Power Road
    Mesa, AZ 85205

    Dignity Health – Camelback

    8310 W Camelback Road
    Glendale, AZ 85305

    Dignity Health – Surprise

    14267 W Bell Road
    Surprise, AZ 85374

    Dignity Health – Gilbert

    4760 Germann Road
    Gilbert, AZ 85926

    Dignity Health – Glendale

    5171 W Olive Avenue
    Glendale, AZ 85302


    Once you are credentialed with Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital ERs, you can practice at all 14 facilities (12 free standing ED’s and 2 hospitals)

    For Physicians, you can choose to work 8 hour shifts, 12 hours shifts, 24 hour shifts or a combination of the three. For APP’s, we offer 8 hour shifts, 10 hour shifts or 12 hour shifts.

    You can choose to work in a collaborative environment with other APPs/Physicians or run the ED on your own. We have single physician coverage at our lower acuity sites, a physician and 1-3 APP’s at our higher acuity sites, and just added an additional physician shift to have double physician coverage with 1-3 APP’s at our AGH-Laveen location.

    All TECHealth providers are 1099 contractors.